How to Join

Prospective members are introduced by a Rotarian who invites you along to one of our regular Monday Lunch Meetings as his/her guest.
This will give you the opportunity to see how it all works and to experience the wonderful fellowship of Rotary.

Although regular meeting attendance is encouraged and appreciated, 50% or more qualifies you as a Rotarian in good standing. This attendance requirement can also include 'make-ups' when you attend any other Rotary Club meeting in SA, Interstate or Overseas.  A meeting attendance can also include your active participation at a Club project, e.g.- assisting at our 'monthly fund raising barbecue.'

There is a joining fee of $25, to cover costs of badges, documentation etc. and an annual membership fee of $220, which can be paid at $110 half yearly. Our weekly lunch cost is $15.
Corporate memberships are available by invitation. These allow for one senior executive to attend meetings.

Once inducted, you will be invited to participate in one of the club committees which range from

  1. Club Service, (including meeting arrangements, membership, public relations, fellowship) to
  2. Community Service (including fundraising, medical and health Services) to
  3. World community services.


Thank you for providing information on Rotary .

Jodie Darley