Friends of Rotary

'Friends of The Rotary Club of Modbury Inc.'

Commencing in 2012, The Rotary Club of Modbury Inc. will recognise appropriate people as
'Friends of The Rotary Club of Modbury’ via recommendation from a current Club Member

  1. 'Friends of Rotary' are those who have gained Board acceptance and who commit themselves to the following conditions:
    • Attend a weekly meeting of the Club at least once every three months
    • Participate in social and official functions of the Club as appropriate
    • Assist in Fund-raising and Community volunteer activities of the Club
    • Pay an administration fee of $50.00 per annum
  2. A 'Friend of The Rotary Club of Modbury' will be:
    • issued with a 'dinner plaque' inscribed with 'Your Name' and 'Friend of Rotary Club of Modbury' and be formally welcomed at a club meeting
    • given access to the weekly bulletin and other Rotary information
    • be given the opportunity to contribute to The Rotary Foundation and other RI programs
    • able to renew this commitment each Rotary year (at the discretion of the Club Board)
    • able to transfer to Full Rotary Membership, where the usual procedures and fees apply
  3. It is acknowledged that being a 'Friend of The Rotary Club of Modbury':
    • does not confer Rotary membership as such, nor any of its associated rights and responsibilities (i.e. Voting rights, Board membership and Wearing a Rotary Lapel Pin.)
    • will require the ‘Friend of Rotary’ to cover their meal and other social activities costs

These guidelines may be reviewed from time to time by the Board of The Rotary Club of Modbury Inc.


Thank you for providing information on Rotary .

Jodie Darley